Born internationally, I began as an artist in the capital city of Port of Spain, in Trinidad and Tobago, and created work there based on ideas around people and city, decay and regeneration. Now, as a contemporary land-based artist in the western United States my work begins with an examination of how the majority culture imprints itself here. That has led me to use contemporary imagery of industrial infrastructure like machinery, railroad crossings, and oil refineries. I also continue to make imagery that reflects the increasing realities of forest fires in the west.

In 2017, based on trips to Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, I began to use images of other species, particularly the North American Bison, to begin to help mediate our broken relationships with Nature. This led to the creation of imaginary creatures, the beasts of mysten, sent by Pan, the God of Nature, to act as intermediaries between humans and other animal species.

The paintings, films, and sculptures that I make tend to include both beauty and trauma and are more of a visual echo of what I perceive as taking place on the land today in the American west. Therefore, my work is intended as a means for reflection regarding the paradoxical nature of the human condition and the current state of our relationships with Nature.